The market will be "astronomical" daily necessities to make a choice

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"Instant noodles can sell 30 yuan, subversion three view ah." Recently, the unified instant noodles launched a price of 30 yuan high-end instant noodles, called instant noodles in the "luxury." Not only instant noodles, mineral water, yogurt, candy, toothpaste and other supermarkets in the familiar face, have also test the water high-end market, fight aristocratic Fan children (according to March 31 "Beijing Daily").
30 yuan a box of instant noodles, 26 yuan a bottle of juice, 65 yuan a toothpaste ... ... When consumers complain about these "astronomical" daily necessities "can not live" when, in fact, we should see, but this is Business a market business strategy, but also the results of the market segmentation. In these "astronomical" daily necessities behind, more or the price of the people of ordinary consumer goods, we can according to their own purse thickness and hobbies to choose their own daily consumer goods on the line.
And standing in the market and business point of view, these "astronomical" daily necessities for consumers is among the small minority groups, that is, some high-end consumers. And we also have to admit, "astronomical" daily necessities own reason why it is "astronomical" reason, these products, whether from the packaging or product design, quality and behind the service, are indeed better than ordinary goods, is the so-called "A penny of goods", so that consumers more of the market choice, is a good thing.
Of course, whether the "astronomical" daily necessities can be recognized by the market, whether it can be profitable market profits, and ultimately to the market, consumers have the final say, the market and consumers will "astronomical" daily necessities to make a choice. In this respect, there are success stories, but there are some losers. As an ordinary consumer, the face of the market, "astronomical" daily necessities, there is no need to complain, there is no need to lament, as long as adhere to their usual consumption principles, can change the ever-changing.


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