Online supermarkets compete for daily necessities market

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Online shopping with its convenient, fast, affordable advantage by the consumer's favorite, during the eleven section, a number of large online supermarkets launched a discount offer, hoping to meet the consumer's shopping needs, improve the volume of goods.
There are a variety of promotional activities
Recently, the reporter learned from a number of large online supermarkets, in order to improve the enthusiasm of consumers to buy, the supermarket launched a lot of promotional activities really. Reporters click on the No. 1 store's own supermarket website, see September 28 ~ October 7 beauty care products audience 5 fold: 750ml Pantene emulsion repair shampoo original price of 68.4 yuan, discount price of 45.8 yuan ; 2 bottles of 750mlClear Qingyang men dandruff shampoo original price of 159.8 yuan, discount price of 157.8 yuan. At the same time, September 28 to October 7, No. 1 shop supermarkets launched a home kitchen and toilet supplies explosion as low as 5 fold from the discount: 24 package (in the specifications) Vinda super tough series 3 layer 150 The original price of 95 yuan, after the discount price of 26.8 yuan; 9kg mysterious net blue full effect of the value of the original Installed laundry liquid original price of 177 yuan, the price after the offer for 99.6 yuan. In addition, October 1 ~ October 8, No. 1 shop self-owned supermarket also launched a "good goods list, clearance full, over 100 yuan by 50 yuan" promotions, a variety of health care products to participate in over 100 yuan 50 yuan discount activities.
Held a discount promotions more than one shop online supermarket, Lynx supermarket promotions are also many. Reporters on the days of the cat supermarket page to see October 4 ~ 15 days cat supermarket launched the "global food lying" activities: 64g Turkish imports KARSA / Kaka Cake white chocolate chocolate biscuits original price of 15 yuan, after the offer The price of 4.99 yuan; 55g melon taste Malaysia imported popcorn original price of 19.9 yuan, after the price of 9.9 yuan; 6 boxes 1L Spanish imports Vega Vega skim milk pure price of 160.8 yuan, the price of 49.9 yuan after the offer. In addition, September 30 to October 12, Lynx supermarket launched the "National Day Sheng Hui Hey up! Over 220 minus 100, popular fresh buy 2 pay 1" promotions, there are many seafood and fruit prices are very Affordable.
Consumers are keen to visit the supermarket online
The face of online supermarkets a variety of discount promotions, consumers buy a high degree of enthusiasm. "I usually like to visit the online supermarket, 11 stores during the self-marketing activities of the supermarket is relatively large, I bought a 180g Crest 3D Hyun white ice cream mint paste, discount price of 9.9 yuan; 4 bottles of 115gDettol drops 12 yuan breeze pure wood 3 layer 240 reel toilet paper, discounted price of 17.9 yuan; 1.5kg / bottle legislation white fresh lemon detergent, discounted price of 10.9 yuan. (Large, large, medium 1 bag), discounted price of 12.9 yuan. These goods are cheaper than usual prices a lot of it, too appropriate. "Consumers Liang Said the lady. "Lynx supermarkets sell snacks are very many types, there are a variety of imported snacks also have many domestic snacks, taking advantage of the National Day discount activities, I bought several imported snacks, add up to spend the money is usually not discounted Half of the courier will be sent directly to the snack home, both time and effort, more convenient than the physical supermarket. "Consumers Miss Zheng said.


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